Have you read other reviews by Ben Kenigsberg at The New York Times? Do you disagree with all of his reviews? Does his dislike of this one film reflect an “elitism” of all the film critics at The Times? What do you even mean by elitist? Do you think the world would be a better place without The New York Times? Your whole piece smacks of let-me-pat-myself-on-the-backism.

I do myself detest many of the reviews by the Times’s main theatre critic. Many. Sadly, the Times theatre critic has too much power as opposed to film critics who have little power individually. So what do I do? I got to shows Ben Brantley detests, and I avoid shows he praises. Over the years this action has proved quite rewarding.

Returning to your effort at cultural analysis, the silliness that undermines your whole piece is that you do not credit the writers. You make believe the critics are actually the institutions they work for. Should I stop reading or condemn Medium.com because of your critical wankiness? I know these are YOUR words, and I’m glad you enjoyed What Men Want, but in the future, until you have mastered your cultural analyses a bit more, stick to the films alone.

Brandon Judell has published in The Village Voice, The Advocate, and 50 or so other outlets. He is currently a lecturer at The City College of New York.

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